About us

BEM Platform is specialized marketplace, which serves as a vital link between roofing contractors and top-tier roofing and building envelope materials manufacturers worldwide. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to streamline the supply chain and deliver unmatched efficiency and value to roofing professionals and contractors in North America.

Direct Manufacturer Connections

We believe in the power of direct relationships. By bypassing intermediaries, we offer our clients optimized costs and a transparent procurement process. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also fosters stronger and longer partnerships between contractors and manufacturers.

Commitment to Sustainability

Your statement on sustainability is a strong message that aligns well with contemporary values. However, it could be refined for clarity and impact. Here's a revised version: Sustainability is the cornerstone of our digital supply chain operations and a key attribute of our product portfolio. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our logistics, significantly reducing the carbon footprint in comparison to traditional supply chains. Unlike wholesalers and supply houses that may move products through multiple warehouses across the country, our streamlined process ensures materials reach your roof with fewer intermediate stops, thus promoting a greener, more efficient delivery system.

Diverse Product Range

Our curated selection of products is designed to meet the multifaceted needs of roofing projects:
- Roofing Insights Synthetic Underlayments Engineered for durability, our underlayments set the standard for quality.
- Canleaf Commercial Roofing Products: We provide bespoke roofing solutions, tailored to the unique demands of commercial buildings.
-Genco Building Envelope Membranes and Tapes: Utilizing advanced materials, our products ensure the integrity and longevity of building envelopes.

Global Expertise, Local Service

The BEM team is a collective of multilingual sourcing and product development experts with deep roots in the roofing and building envelope material industry. Our expertise spans North America to the Asia-Pacific, ensuring a global perspective grounded in local understanding. Choose BEM for a direct line to manufacturing excellence and a partnership that places your roofing materials supply needs first—because we're not just supplier, we're your gateway to a world of roofing possibilities!

BEM - Direct from the Source, Straight to Your Roof.

Our advantages

Global Sourcing

At BEM, our expertise extends across continents. We specialize in sourcing and supplying throughout North America, Asia-Pacific, and beyond. Our multicultural, multilingual team establishes robust alliances with leading factories, ensuring quality control and delivering value to our partners.


BEM, our engineering team drives innovation, actively working with manufacturers to align product development with market trends and roofing industry needs. This approach, combined with our focus on technology, results in high-performance, energy-efficient products, ensuring we stay ahead in the evolving construction sector."


BEM's digital fulfillment system optimizes customs operations and logistics process for exports and imports, reducing documentation errors and enhancing process efficiency. Our system minimizes traditional communication delays and errors through streamlined templates, significantly accelerating international trade despite time zone differences. This results in a more cost-effective, reliable, and efficient supply chain experience for our clients.


We collaborate only with top-tier brands and factories. Most products in our portfolio have a proven track record of quality in the US market, being sourced from the same esteemed factories as other famous industry brands. You are likely already familiar with these products, as they are prominently featured in big-box stores or distributed by national roofing wholesalers, possibly even to your own roofing projects, under well-known brands in the roofing industry.


The supply chain model of the BEM Platform reduces carbon emissions by streamlining our supply chain, enabling direct factory-to-contractor delivery, and selecting the closest sea ports to roofing contractors to minimize inland transportation in North America. Most of the roofing accessories on our platform are recyclable, reflecting our manufacturers' commitment to a circular economy in construction.

Direct from the Source, Straight to Your Roof!

"In this brief video, discover how the BEM platform assists manufacturers in establishing direct supply channels."

Direct from the Source, Straight to Your Roof.

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