Direct from the Source, Straight to Your Roof.

BEM platform is a market place of purchasing roofing accessories. We creating direct supply channels between factories and roofing contractors.

Global Sourcing

At BEM, our expertise extends across continents. We specialize in sourcing and supplying throughout North America, Asia-Pacific, and beyond. Our multicultural, multilingual team establishes robust alliances with leading factories, ensuring quality control and delivering value to our partners.


BEM, our engineering team drives innovation, actively working with manufacturers to align product development with market trends and roofing industry needs. This approach, combined with our focus on technology, results in high-performance, energy-efficient products, ensuring we stay ahead in the evolving construction sector."


BEM's digital fulfillment system optimizes customs operations and logistics process for exports and imports, reducing documentation errors and enhancing process efficiency. Our system minimizes traditional communication delays and errors through streamlined templates, significantly accelerating international trade despite time zone differences. This results in a more cost-effective, reliable, and efficient supply chain experience for our clients.


We collaborate only with top-tier brands and factories. Most products in our portfolio have a proven track record of quality in the US market, being sourced from the same esteemed factories as other famous industry brands. You are likely already familiar with these products, as they are prominently featured in big-box stores or distributed by national roofing wholesalers, possibly even to your own roofing projects, under well-known brands in the roofing industry.


The supply chain model of the BEM Platform reduces carbon emissions by streamlining our supply chain, enabling direct factory-to-contractor delivery, and selecting the closest sea ports to roofing contractors to minimize inland transportation in North America. Most of the roofing accessories on our platform are recyclable, reflecting our manufacturers' commitment to a circular economy in construction.


High Roofing Cost. How Roofing accessories make their way to your home in 2023?

Explore the Roofing Accessories Supply Chain Complexities. Unveil the factors behind soaring prices in the US and North American roofing industry with our short video

Direct from the Source, Straight to Your Roof!

"In this brief video, discover how the BEM platform assists manufacturers in establishing direct supply channels."




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 Comprehensive Look at the Private Label Business and Roofing Accessories Supply Chain in North Americ
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 Comprehensive Look at the Private Label Business and Roofing Accessories Supply Chain in North America
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At BEM DIRECT, we specialize in direct shipments from overseas manufacturers to the U.S., aiming to deliver pallets directly to your warehouse. This method, while efficient in terms of cost, does require a longer lead time than domestic suppliers. You can expect the overall lead time, which includes production, shipment, and custom clearance, to generally range from 2 to 3 months for these direct shipments to reach your warehouse. For orders we fulfill through our domestic partners, like , if the goods are in stock of our partner, we can dispatch them within 1 to 3 business days from our warehouses located in Florida and California. Please be aware that it will take us some time to build stock in the USA for each product. We strive to offer you the best options, whether it’s rapid delivery from our domestic inventory or direct, cost-effective shipments from our overseas manufacturers.

Yes, we are delighted to assist roofing contractors like you in bulk purchasing directly from manufacture. Our platform is designed to offer the best value in terms of price. To start, review the products and note the minimum order quantities, which vary - some require a full container, others half a container, or several pallets. We do not sell by individual rolls or units, but we are here to help you make efficient, cost-saving purchases. For direct imports, you can expect delivery within 2 to 3 months. Manufactures listed on our platform, can handle import clearance, and deliver goods to the United States under DDP terms, meaning you don’t need to deal with international payments. For smaller orders, we also facilitate LCL shipments. If you’re prepared to receive international shipments like CIF or FOB, please contact us via email. We may offer more favorable terms and assist you in becoming an importer on record in the U.S. This process requires some learning and time commitment, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Chinese manufacturers were our predominant source for building envelope materials for many years. However, post-COVID and geopolitical developments have challenged this status. Factors such as increasing labor costs, a more mature domestic market, the strengthening of the yuan, tariffs, and sea freight expenses have somewhat diminished China's competitive advantage. In response to these changes, we've strategically diversified our sourcing to include South-East Asia and the Middle-East. These regions present valuable opportunities, particularly for essential building materials, enabling us to source high-quality products at more advantageous prices. Consequently, countries like India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the UAE are rising as favorable alternatives for sourcing. At BEM, our expertise spans across continents. Our multicultural, multilingual team forms strong alliances with leading factories, ensuring quality control, and delivering value to our partners!

We collaborate with top-tier manufacturers, who have a proven track record of exporting products to the United States and Canadian markets. This experience means these suppliers have been reliably supplying goods, possibly even in your local market, and you might recognize them in big-box stores or from national distributors under well-known brands. For our premium products, we have established strong partnerships with these manufacturers, which helps bridge the often challenging gap between customer communication and technical validation. Our involvement ensures that our clients receive the latest, high-quality products, backed by our expertise and assurance, thereby bypassing unnecessary intermediaries.

At BEM, we have our own product engineering team and are deeply attuned to the roofing industry community, drawing upon decades of experience in installing roofing products. Our proactive approach goes a step further; we actively assist manufacturers in identifying which of their products are best suited to meet the evolving demands of the market. This ensures that our platform not only satisfies current needs but also stays ahead of industry trends, consistently offering the most valuable and relevant products to our customers.

Our product selection is driven by two key principles. Firstly, we aim to provide the lowest cost, best value products for the commodity needs of roofing contractors. For example, synthetic underlayments, which we developed in collaboration with Roofing Insights, are a point of pride for us as one of the most efficient sources in the United States.

Secondly, for more engineering-intensive products, we partner with top-tier manufacturers. This collaboration ensures the products we present are at the forefront of engineering practices and sustainable, green technologies. Our range includes specialized screws for single-ply roofing, special window tapes, walkway pads, and vapor permeable membranes, all developed in conjunction with leading innovators. These products are not just technically advanced but also offer added value for roofers, giving them access to unique and state-of-the-art items. Many of our manufacturing partners, like Canleaf and Genco, are characterized by their strong R&D capabilities and are often startups eager to showcase their expertise.

We always strive for excellence at BEM DIRECT, but we understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. If your product arrives damaged, rest assured, we're here to help. Please reach out to us by email with your order number and photos of the damage. We take such matters seriously and will promptly assess the situation. If the damage affects the product's application or quality, rest assured, we will find an appropriate solution to address your concerns and replace products or apply for refund. Our team is committed to ensuring that you have a positive experience with every purchase, and we're here to support you through any challenges that may arise.

Our warranty policy is on par with the standards of major market players in the United States for similar products. It's important to note, however, that our warranty is conditional and applies only when specific requirements are met during installation and usage, ensuring that the work adheres to certain standards. Additionally, for roofing contractors listed on the Directorii platform, we offer an extended product warranty of up to 30 years, providing an added level of assurance and quality guarantee.

We are carefully considering adding new products to our portfolio, and it generally takes us some time to decide whether to launch a new product or change existing. For those interested in custom options, such as adding your logo, please be aware that there's a minimum order requirement of more than one container. We encourage you to contact us at with your ideas for custom products or if you're looking for specific items not currently available on our platform. We're eager to explore these possibilities with our manufacturers to cater to your unique needs.

Yes. Our focus is on finding valuable manufacturers who are committed to investing resources to establish their presence in the United States and develop direct channels. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for innovative products that roofing contractors can utilize. If you have ideas, opportunities for bulk orders, or wish to launch your new product line on BEM platform, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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